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wow i never actually write on here.... maybe i'll start doing so more often!

since i follow so many #ontd'ers on twitter, this is me https://twitter.com/#!/tamara_mack

shuffle magic
on the bus home i had my mp3 player set to shuffle all music like usual.
today it was a little too cohesive for "shuffle"

hypnotize - biggie
unbelievable - emf
rhythm is a dancer- snap
i love you always forever- donna lewis
mr. vain - culture beat

all 90's in a row. and pretty much the only random 90's music i have. weird.

why the birds is a scary movie
i was cutting through the parking lot across from my house tonight on my way home from work when i noticed an unusual amount of bird poop on the pavement. earlier in the day i had seen a bunch of crows flying around the area so i figured it was from them. then i heard the wings in the trees to my left. i looked up and nearly pooped my own pants. in the group of 5 trees along the parking lot, i couldn't even see tree. they were covered in crows. hundreds of them. staring down on me. in the dark.....

i walked quicker because i had a previous incident in this same parking lot with a killer goose (more to come on that...) and all i could think about was tippi hedren in the birds and how i didn't want to suffer a similar fate. to make it worse, as i passed each tree the fucking crows would rush out of it all at once and fly around above me before settling in the neighbouring field. it was creepy as fuck.

then i looked over at the field as the first tree birds flew over. no joke there was already a march of the penguin-sized crow huddle going on the middle of the white snowy field. and every tree i passed the twenties/thirties whatever amount of crows would fly up, scare the shit out of me, and join the giant huddle. i actually had to stop and look at the field and wonder what the hell was going on. how can i call up david attenborough and get him to explain these birds? i just wanted someone else to see it but it was midnight and my cell phone camera is shit in the dark.

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Fucking men. Why all the mind games? Let's just do it already.

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5 little birds splashing around in a dirty puddle, as if they'd discovered the fountain of youth, gave me the biggest smile of my day.


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